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Lortcher Speaks Volumes Through Her Guidance & Perseverance

Alicia Lortcher coaching at The Cleveland Volleyball Club
Alicia Lortcher coaching at The Cleveland Volleyball Club

By: Athletic Communications Assistant Dustin Parker

BEREA, Ohio – An All-Conference volleyball player, a coach, and soon to be speech-language pathologist. These are just a few adjectives that describe Baldwin Wallace's, Alicia Lortcher.

A speech-language pathologist is an expert in communication. They work with people of all ages, from babies to adults, aiding them in a multitude of communication problems.

Alicia's aspirations were to be in the medical field and to help others. When she went on a college visit, and was presented this line of work, she knew it was for her. Sparked with this new inspiration, she went home and shadowed at her local hospital, where she got her first hands on experience amending a 5-year-old girls' phoneme R.  

"The speech pathologist I shadowed let me help in the session and when the little girl I was working with got super excited when she started pronouncing her R's correctly, I knew this was something I wanted to do. The idea of helping people is what really interested me and being able to make a difference for them. I look at it as helping someone live better every day," Alicia said.

In addition to helping others with their social, language, and articulation skills, Alicia coaches the younger generation on the volleyball court. She coaches ages 5 to 13 at the Cleveland Volleyball Club and uses the avenue to help people in other facets of their life.

"Coaching has always interested me, and working with kids was just a plus," Alicia stated.

Alicia has always wanted to help others, but after suffering a torn ACL her senior year of high school, and tearing her meniscus in her junior season at BW, she was on the other end of the table. Alicia battled through nine months of recovery for her ACL and five months for her meniscus to get back on the court.

Head coach Scott Carter added, "Alicia has been the face of BW volleyball for the last four years. She has been a staple of strength and composure. She had been tremendously resilient and has faced the adversity of two knee surgeries with grit, poise, and determination. Alicia's work ethic allows her to be successful with any endeavor she chooses. She is a diligent student, a great teammate and a nurturing leader. She has a demeanor that connects her to people and allows her to mentor and teach others". 

Through unmatched resolve, perseverance, and help from others in the medical field, like herself, she has bounced back and became a vital component of the Yellow Jacket community.