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All-TIme Baldwin Wallace University Men's Basketball All-OAC Players

Year Players
2018-2019 Jay Battle (First-team), Kyle Nader (Honorable Mention)
2017-2018 Cameron Kuhn, Jay Battle, Jake Fetherolf
2016-2017 Cameron Kuhn, Jay Battle
2015-2016 Cameron Kuhn, Jake Fetherolf
2014-2015 Justin Roth, Jaron Crowe, Matt Dennis, Cameron Kuhn
2013-2014 Jaron Crowe, Kevin Krakowiak, Kyle Payne
2012-2013 Kyle Payne, Kevin Krakowiak
2011-2012 Kyle Payne, Kevin Krakowiak
2010-2011 Kyle Payne
2009-2010 Kyle Brown, Promis Cabbil
2008-2009 Andrew Bene
2007-2008 Brendan Schuler, Kyle Brown
2006-2007 Tori Davis, Brendan Schuler
2005-2006 Tori Davis, Keith Aufmuth, Dan Gundert, Brendan Schuler
2004-2005 Thad Davis, Tori Davis, Tom Harrington
2003-2004 Thad Davis, Tori Davis, Keith Aufmuth
2002-2003 Shawn McCormick, Thad Davis, Jon Carroll
2001-2002 Jason Schefft, Shawn McCormick
2000-2001 Jason Woleben, Shawn McCormick, Eric Fritz
1999-2000 Jason Schefft, Jason Woleben, Shawn McCormick
1998-1999 Jason Schefft, Amara Tour�, Steve Weisbrod
1997-1998 Jason Schefft, Amara Tour�, Brody Griffith
1996-1997 Kevin Braaten, Ryan Sooy
1995-1996 Kevin Braaten
1994-1995 Joe Mackey, Kevin Braaten
1993-1994 Willis Brown, Joe Mackey
1992-1993 Willis Brown, Doug Dickerson
1991-1992 Harry Marko, Chris Painter, Don Snyder
1990-1991 Kenn Kaminski, Joe Rinkes, Brian Newland
1989-1990 Kenn Kaminski, Joe Rinkes, Wayne Bilinovic
1988-1989 Kenn Kaminski, Brian Newland
1987-1988 none
1986-1987 Terry Hanna, Preston Bowen
1985-1986 Terry Hanna
1984-1985 none
1983-1984 Bob Scelza, Bob Lowrie
1982-1983 Bob Lowrie
1981-1982 Jim Lesko
1980-1981 Wilbur Wilson
1979-1980 Wilbur Wilson, Shelley Waters
1978-1979 Ron Myers, Shelley Waters
1977-1978 Mark Krakowiak, Bill Morrow
1976-1977 none
1975-1976 Dave Long, Chris Plummer, Rob Winton
1974-1975 none
1973-1974 none
1972-1973 none
1971-1972 Dean Martin
1970-1971 Dean Martin
1969-1970 Dean Martin
1968-1969 Dean Martin
1967-1968 Ted Johnson, Harvey Hopson
1966-1967 Ted Johnson, Dick Scott
1965-1966 none
1964-1965 none
1963-1964 none
1962-1963 Bob Walters
1961-1962 Bob Walters, Jerry Shrock
1951-1952 Paul James, Tom Blackwood, Jerry Suess
1950-1951 Dick Rutherford
1940-1941 Paul Adams, Jack Oberst
1934-1935 Ward Powell
1933-1934 Ward Powell

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