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BW Baseball Gold Glove Award

1980-1981 Pat Fogarty Third Base
Riley Kreisher, above, (2007-2009) and Mike Urban (1993-1995) are the only two Yellow Jacket baseball student-athletes to ever win the BW Gold Glove Award for defensive excellence for three successive seasons. The duo also excelled in the classroom and each was a three-time Academic All-Ohio Athletic Conference standout who had a better than .300 career batting average.
1981-1982 Mike Cseh Shortstop
1982-1983 Mike Cseh Shortstop
1983-1984 Andy Weyrich First Base
1984-1985 Chris Check Outfielder
1985-1986 Rich Barberic First Base
1986-1987 Marty Kelley Catcher
1987-1988 Scott Mawaka Third Basem
1988-1989 Scott Mawaka Third Base
1989-1990 Dan DeVoe Third Base
1990-1991 Rick Simmons First Base
1991-1992 Joey Dallas Catcher
1992-1993 Mike Urban First Base
1993-1994 Mike Urban First Base
1994-1995 Mike Urban First Base
1997-1998 Tim Obergefell Outfielder
2002-2003 Jim Leffler Shortstop
2003-2004 Jason Albright Shortstop
2004-2005 Kevin Brown Second Baseman
2005-2006 Kevin Brown Second Baseman
2006-2007 Riley Kreisher First Baseman
2007-2008 Riley Kreisher First Baseman
2008-2009 Riley Kreisher First Baseman
2019-2010 Nolan Neuschaefer Outfielder
2010-2011 Jay Yost Third Baseman
2011-2012 Anthony Longhitano Shortstop
2012-2013 Eric Murphy Shortstop
2013-2014 Eric Murphy Shortstop
2014-2015 Eric Murphy Shortstop
2015-2016 Trent Kaltenbach Catcher
2016-2017 Kevin Hagen First Baseman
2017-2018 Chase Knodle Outfielder

 BOLD FACED & CAPITAL LETTERS denotes player still currently at BW.

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